COVID Protocols

  •  All team members will have a “Clean First” mentality. All team members will be disinfecting equipment and ensuring your safety throughout the day using solutions, including Stabilized Aqueous Ozone, proven most effective against Covid-19 and other viruses.

  • Deep clean of the entire facility with CDC approved disinfectant solution. We have additionally instituted a daily deep clean from the hours of 1pm -2pm and a nightly deep clean after we close. Our disinfectant kills 99.999% of all microorganisms that may live on the surface including COVID 19. 

  • Newly installed air purifiers to ensure air quality. Our purifier attacks microbes like bacteria, viruses, and mold spores, and destroys impurities like VOCs (chemical odors), chemicals, and odors in every cubic foot of air in the building at the same time.

  • Masks will be worn by team members at all times. Additionally, masks will be made available to members upon request. 

  • Additional spray bottles for member use. We ask that all members please wipe down their equipment before and after use. To minimize touch points, we will provide a personal spray bottle and a microfiber cleaning towel upon check in. 

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the club. We ask that you frequently wash your hands and please use the hand sanitizer that will be placed throughout the facility. 

  • New check in process. The check-in process will be hands free! Please use the scanners to scan your key card or please give your name to our Front Desk Team Members. You will then have the option to take a personal microfiber cleaning towel, and disinfectant spray bottle. Please remember, if you’re not feeling well it’s best that you reschedule your workout to ensure the safety of all members and team members.